Sunny Akhigbi on Choosing his Freedom and Destiny Amid Hardships and Destitution

Lawrence is joined by Sunny Akhigbi, an unbelievably resilient survivor of trauma and destitution growing up in a small rural village of Nigeria. Despite his family trying to contain him in a horrific environment of hard child labor, he managed to get his high school education. He went on to get a college education regardless of almost dying from being caught in the gang warfare that threatened his campus. He persevered through the hardships, as his motto was “to get educated was to be free”.  Today he is the epitome of the American, immigrant success story.  Sunny looks like a real life superhero. He is a celebrity trainer, an endurance athlete, a former bodybuilder, and a male model. He is also a published author, a devoted single father of two lovely children, and primarily motivated by philanthropy. But, behind his smile and impressive stature and background, no one would ever be able to guess the colossal hardships most would not be able to survive.     


Sunny is unbreakable! His energy and positivity is really infectious and he makes you want to join his mission. His charity is funded in his own dime, and 100% of the donations go to spreading literacy to the under privileged youth in the rural villages of Nigeria. His first annual Gala is this Saturday (click on the link below to purchase tickets).

A Boy and His Dream Gala

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