William Branum: Navy SEAL Secrets for a Better Life

William Branum was a Navy SEAL sniper, and Sniper Instructor. After 9-11 William was deployed multiple times to both Iraq and Afghanistan and served for 26 years before his retirement.

William went through profound depression after he retired in 2018. He turned to prescription drugs and alcohol, until he found CBD which fired up a new purpose, leading him to start his company Naked Warrior Recovery CBD.

Now William is on a mission to share his story more widely of healing himself through CBD, and helping other Veterans, first responders and civilians all over the world get healing through CBD instead of prescription drugs and alcohol.

William has taken the lessons, habits and systems from his training in the Seal Teams and founded the “5 Seal Secrets” program where he is teaching corporate execs, business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to think like a Navy Seal!

5 Navy Seal Secrets to help you in business and life:

N – Never Quit A – Accept Failure K – Kill Mediocrity E – Expose Fears D – Do the Work

Connect with Will: IG: @nakedwarriorrecovery FB: /william.branum.712

Naked Warior Recovery: https://nw-recovery.com/

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