Yegor Makhiboroda: Creating a Life Worth Living

Yegor Makhiboroda escaped the collapse of the Soviet Union and arrived in America at the age of eight. He was forced to completely reinvent himself, having to learn a foreign language and integrating into Western society. He worked hard, excelled in his university, and landed a coveted and well-paying job after graduation.

But after several years, despite the monetary success, he felt deeply unfulfilled, so he took the courageous decision to leave his job and join the Peace Corps. Yegor spent over two years living on one of the most isolated islands in the world, Vanuatu, and learning first-hand what leads to true happiness. After devouring hundreds of self-help books and realizing the pursuit of money wasn’t the key to happiness, he decided upon his return to America to get his MBA.  During his entrepreneurial classes, he decided to start his own company with a colleague, which he still runs today. He truly has an amazing balance of work/life, a huge passion for jiujitsu, health and self-development. Yegor shares some of his story, his perspectives, his immigrant mindset and his formula for a life worth living.

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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